How To Start And Run Your Own Corporation: S Corporations For Small Business Owners.

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How To Start And Run Your Own Corporation: S-Corporations For Small Business Owners

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Thinking Like An Entrepreneur?

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Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

Thinking Like An Entrepreneur
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Chapter 3
Men Are Cheaper Than Guns

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Intellectual Capital And Bootstrapping

Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

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Thinking Like An Entrepreneur


S Corporation Articles

S Corporations and Reasonable Salary.

Treasury Department Suggests S Corporation Tax Change.

IRS To Examine S Corporation Tax Compliance.

IRS Changes S Corporation Shareholder K-1 Forms Tax changes give S-corporation shareholders an updated K-1 form, increase the number of allowed S-corporation shareholders from 75 to 100, and allow the immediate deduction of some business start-up costs.

Minnesota Corporation Owners Can Opt Out Of State Unemployment Insurance. Press Release Summary: Effective January 1, 2005, Minnesota corporation officers who own 25% or more of their company's stock can elect not to be covered by Minnesota state unemployment insurance (SUI). This statute change recognizes that corporate owner-officers are more business owners than employees.

S Corporations Help Small Business Owners Save On Taxes. Learn how Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards saved $591,000 by forming an S Corporation.

Choosing Between An S Corporation And A Limited Liability Company

Choosing Between An S Corporation And A C-Corporation

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Articles

Money, Mortgages, Morality, Entrepreneurship, and A Free Lunch (commentary-opinion)

Setting Business New Year's Resolutions. Entrepreneurs and small business owners should use the New Year as a time to evaluate their business.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) for Small Business

Starting A Business In Minnesota

Reducing Your Business Taxes With Section 179 Deductions

Primal Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, And Self-Improvement For Entrepreneurs

My listing of small business answers to questions on Many focus upon incorporation, S-corps, etc.

If you want to know more about S-Corporations, my newest book covers S-Corporations in detail: How To Start And Run Your Own Corporation: S-Corporations For Small Business Owners

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